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How to Unionize the UFC

But organizing MMA fighters is a particularly tough challenge.

Thu, 16 Sep 2021 20:18:19 +0000

How Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu, Knocked Down Stereotypes

The Marvel superhero originated in comics filled with racist tropes. The creators of the new film made a list of the preconceptions they were up against and set out to conquer them.

Fri, 17 Sep 2021 10:45:20 +0000

A Homegrown Boxing Startup Meets Its Match: State Regulators

A pair of young men used an idea, social media and a pandemic to create a thriving underground fight club. Then the authorities got wind of it.

Sat, 04 Sep 2021 00:45:47 +0000

Fight by Fight, Jake Paul Strikes for Credibility

The social media influencer wants respect for his transformation into a main draw boxer even if his skills are beside the point.

Sat, 28 Aug 2021 04:01:06 +0000

Sonny Chiba, Japanese Star With a ‘Kill Bill’ Connection, Dies at 82

His martial arts movies appalled some with their extreme violence, but the director Quentin Tarantino was a fan and gave him a late-career boost.

Thu, 19 Aug 2021 22:24:58 +0000

Why Fear and Loathing Can Be Good for Your Workout

Stress isn’t usually a good thing for mental health. But during exercise it can be.

Thu, 12 Aug 2021 18:45:22 +0000

Taekwondo Is Path to Medals for Countries That Rarely Get Them

Ivory Coast and Jordan won their first-ever Olympic golds, thanks to taekwondo, as did Taiwan. Afghanistan’s only Olympic medals, a pair of bronzes, came from it, too.

Wed, 18 Aug 2021 15:33:47 +0000

Conor McGregor's Broken Leg Poses Big Challenge for U.F.C.'s Future

His star power is enormous. But after breaking his leg in a fight on Saturday, the sport must bank on other athletes.

Mon, 12 Jul 2021 12:29:43 +0000

U.F.C. 264 Presents a Crossroads for McGregor

A trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier is Conor McGregor’s latest attempt to remind the world of the high-caliber fighter he once was.

Sun, 11 Jul 2021 15:55:58 +0000

In Adesanya, U.F.C. Has a Champion It Can Depend On

Mainstream U.F.C. titleholders have slipped in recent years. So far, Adesanya has been consistent.

Thu, 16 Sep 2021 19:53:42 +0000


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