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When learning amateur boxing there are some basic technical skills you must know. Unfortunately boxing is becoming a dying art and you will see very few of this technical knowledge displayed during amateur bouts. We will practice these technical skills religiously because they are the foundation of a good boxer and without them you cannot better yourself as a fighter.Boxing

  1. 1. Always keep your hands up, elbows in front of body. This will protect your body against body punches but more importantly it will cause your hands to go in front of your head for defensive purposes. Also punches thrown from this position are quicker and stronger than a punch thrown from the side of the body.
  2. 2. Always stay eye level with your opponent. By staying at eye level this prevents your opponent from getting under you and your power. When your opponent drops low, you also drop.
  3. 3. Never let your opponent get under you. This is critical if your opponent gets under you he can bump you up, knock you off balance and take away your power. Not to mention your body will take a beating when he is under your guard. Worst yet he can bring his head up and butt you in the face.
  4. 4. Always fight for position. Boxing is much like wrestling because you should always be fighting for position. You should constantly be trying to move yourself into a position where you can punch and not be punched back.
  5. 5. AIways move your head when you punch. Your head must move when you punch, this naturally moves your head out of alignment with your opponents punches making it difficult to hit you.
  6. 6. Always attack on angles, never straight ahead. You should never square up with your opponent and throw punches.

At John Burdyck's Boxing Gym, you will learn these basic technical skills and so much more. If you want to become the best...come train with the best.


Kickboxing was a later arrival on the steadily growing wave of interest that has engulfed the United States since the end of World War II. Kickboxing

Karate, the term commodity used to refer to oriental martial arts disciplines, was introduced into America by Gl's returning from Okinawa and Japan. Limited-contact fighting and forms competitions had begun.

Over the next decade, karate took another giant step with the arrival of its first film box office star, Bruce Lee. His 1972 film "Enter the Dragon" grossed $100 million worldwide. Presently, there are over 12 million Americans who practice the martial arts in the U.S.

Experiments to create a competition that would test karate athletes, allowing full contact, and also create an exciting new sport featuring fighting prowess with both hands and feet, came to the U.S. in 1968 with its first kickboxing competition. Gloves were put on fighter's hands, pads covered all but the soles of their bare feet. Kicks were required to land above the waist.

Kickboxing, as a martial art system, originated in the Orient, notably Thailand. Founders sought to distinguish the new sport from older forms of kickboxing found in parts of the Orient, notably Thailand. The older version lacked the appeal to catch on as a participation and spectator sport because of its focus on leg kicks. and its brutality, including kicks against the knee joints. and free use of elqows and knees. The new sport. for a short while, was dubbed "Full Contract Karate", Today this new sport is synonymous with the name "kickboxing" in much of the world.

Kickboxers use all martial arts kicks and all closed fist strikes and is one of the most competitive forms of the martial arts. Kickboxing has evolved into one of the most exciting sports in existence today, with fast-paced explosive action.


These days, many physicians are prescribing medications for children with behavior problems. One of the best way’s to combat these issues is through self respect and discipline. Our style of training has helped many children get away from those unnecessary prescriptions. We teach them to focus on there schoolwork and respect for there parents and teachers.You thick your sisters tough

Please contact us to set up a free introductory class so we can show you in person that this does work.

Sincerely, Master John H. Burdyck.

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